NEW STUDY: Attractiveness Correlates With Your Immunity Strength


Texas Christian University, otherwise known as TCU, recently conducted a study that discovered that attractiveness and your immune system strength are closely related.

While this isn’t the most exciting news I have ever heard, I find it hard to believe that there is a connection between beauty, health, and attractiveness.

We’ve been fed a lot of lies in the past two years about our health, and previously healthcare workers have tried pretty hard to make things believable and potentially true. However, this time it just feels too farfetched.

The research team took photographs of 159 TCU students, community members, and others without makeup. To determine the person’s immunity to disease and infection, each one had to undergo a blood test.

Nearly 500 people then rated the opposite sex based on how attractive they were based solely on their photos.

It was found that men and women have different opinions about what makes a beautiful and healthy face. Imagine that!

Can we really believe that there is a correlation here? Or is it purely a coincidence?