January Illegal Immigration Is Down


In January, the number of illegal aliens trying to cross the United States’ southern border fell 14% compared with December figures. This was the second-biggest drop during Biden’s presidency. However, the 153 941 apprehensions in January were the most recent for any January.

The Trump-era Title 42 Emergency Order allowed more than half of the people detained at the border to be immediately deported back to their homelands. Trump created Title 42 in March 2020 as a pandemic measure against the spread of COVID.

Another 75,455 migrants were also processed in regular immigration procedures. This means that they are either taken to long-term centers, placed in expedited removal proceedings, or released to continue their civil immigration court cases within U.S. communities.

CBP officials deported or returned 6,775 immigrants under the U.S. immigration law in January. Migrants processed under immigration law can request asylum to avoid deportation, unlike those who are subject to Title 42.

Many Democrats are calling for Biden’s removal of Title 42 restrictions to allow all to enter despite the current crisis at the border. Some groups. Some groups, such as the ACLU, have sued Biden to repeal Title 42. But you must assume that Biden is happy that Title 42 is still in effect.

The administration used the public-health rule to deport migrants at the southern border from President Biden’s inception to December 31, 2012. This represents about 55% of all encounters. Border officials also encountered almost 2 million migrants at the southern border. They allowed 458,000 (or 23 percent) to enter the country to try and persuade an immigration judge that they should allow them to stay.

This has led to a chaotic and confusing approach to border security. It can be difficult to determine whether someone is allowed to stay in the United States for at least temporarily or turned back under the public healthcare rule immediately. This is also dependent on the border crossing.

This is almost 2 million encounters in a single year, with many thousands more illegally entering the country.

Democrats in Congress want to open the doors and allow unlimited immigration. 100 Democrats wrote to Biden expressing concern about the policy’s effect on blacks, which included Haitians, who were forced to return to war-torn and poverty-stricken Haiti.

These Democrats are so obsessed with themselves and their self-regarding “humanitarian” policies, they don’t care about who is hurt or who pays.

It’s American taxpayers and citizens who will bear the brunt of the Democrat “humanitarian vision”.