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Guns And Covid: Australia’s Cautionary Tale For All Freedom-Loving Americans



Australian government officials have made it clear throughout the past year that liberty is not a priority. Even after the advent of vaccines, they’ve gone to great lengths to control and lock down residents to ensure their “zero-COVID” strategy is successful.

Despite major pushback from residents and many large-scale demonstrations against the government’s actions, officials have held their position that restrictions to handle the virus are a much higher concern than anything else, even the data.

The rules have spanned from not being allowed to cross state borders to not being allowed to travel further than five kilometers from home. Some areas have limited outdoor time to two hours per day and have required masks whenever outside the home.

But many Australians have had enough, especially as vaccination requirements have furthered tensions. Protests have been seen all around the country and have resulted in many violent exchanges with law enforcement, specifically in Melbourne.

Victoria state leader Daniel Andrews has put Melbourne in a lockdown state since July, with curfews expected to end Oct. 26. The premier has also made large gatherings illegal, which includes protests.

Senior police officer in Victoria, Krystle Mitchell, quit her job during a live interview on Friday after saying a “vast majority” of her former officers don’t believe in and don’t want to enforce the strict COVID-19 orders enacted in Australia.

“By Daniel Andrews making protests illegal, he is responsible for the increase in violence that has occurred as a result from police and from protesters because the police are now there to enforce a law that says ‘well you’re here and I have to arrest you and I have to fine you,’” said Mitchell.

“Protesting is stupid, protesting is selfish, and protesting is dangerous,” Andrews said after a protest last month, which resulted in 74 arrests and $200,000 in fines. Coincidentally, Andrews has been fined $400 for two different consecutive public mask violations.

The situation of the Australian people is a cautionary tale for all Americans: an all-powerful government has eliminated their right to self-governance while that same government says it’s acting with good intentions. Officials have said that the unvaccinated “will lose their freedoms” in October even after the lockdown measures end and life will be “very difficult indefinitely.”

This is just the latest example of Australian tyranny, of course. The right to own a firearm is not guaranteed under Australian law, and in 1996, the nation banned a huge variety of before-legal firearms. Over 700,000 guns were surrendered in a government buyback.

Many Australians protested that decision, but those demonstrations were as effective as the COVID protests have been. Liberty, once surrendered, is rarely returned.

Throughout history, an armed populace is one of the greatest deterrents to tyranny. When the people are forced to give up their only means of protection, the government easily takes the power and is able to dictate what people do, say, and think.

Would Australians be living under these tyrannies if they hadn’t surrendered their firearms in 1996? It’s hard to say. But a populace better able to defend itself would surely give the government pause.

Let’s not let power-hungry politicians turn America into what Australia has become. Convention of States Action is here to fight overreach from the federal government and give the power back to the people.

An Article V Convention of States is called and controlled by the states and has the power to propose constitutional amendments. These amendments can build a permanent firewall against federal tyranny, and halt our descent into greater big-government control.

Australians will never get their freedoms back as long as the “zero-COVID” tactic remains in place. They’ll never get their firearms back as long as violent crime still occurs in the country. If given the chance, power-hungry politicians will use any excuse to dictate our decisions and run our lives. We must stop them before they gain an even greater foothold in our country.

Author : Convention Of States

Source : Convention Of States : Guns and COVID: Australia’s Cautionary Tale for all Freedom-Loving Americans

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