First Lady Had Many Special Requests For Afghanistan Evacuation


Although the tragedy that occurred in Afghanistan in 2021 is no longer the main story, the effects are still being felt. The aftermath of the evacuation that saw the deaths of 13 American servicemen and many Afghans, is still being cleaned up by the Biden administration.

The president has issued an executive order to freeze funds at the Afghan central bank to provide humanitarian aid to the millions of Afghan women and children who are set to starve.

This order has obvious problems. The Taliban is a terrorist group masquerading as an official government. Any money that is sent to the country will be used and stolen for criminal activities. The idea of paying compensation to 9/11 victims’ families seems like a convenient ploy, as Democrats face electoral disaster in November.

However, it is still important to ask how this happened. A recent report from the U.S. Army places a lot of the blame on decisions made by the Biden administration at that time. Although Joe Biden has rejected the findings of the report, it does include a mention of Jill Biden.

Navy Admiral Peter Vasely testified that the First Lady and other members of the Kabul delegation were making special requests during the evacuation. This led to “bandwidth” in the operation center at Kabul Airport and hindered the mission.

A U.S. Navy admiral claimed that he had received “high-profile” requests from the first lady Jill Biden. This caused disruption in overall Afghanistan rescue efforts last year…

Although Jill Biden has not disclosed the specific request, we can reasonably infer that it was related to prioritizing certain people or groups for evacuation.

You could consider such a request to be made in good faith in a vacuum. There were many Afghans who deserved to be evacuated, it is clear. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the First Lady should be involved in military operations. She is not an elected official and does not have any actual government role.

Jill Biden was not allowed to place such pressure on military leaders. They likely wanted to comply with her request, as her husband is the president. This is the danger of abusing relationships with varying power dynamics. According to the report, this led to negative real-world consequences for the First Lady, which in turn made the operation more chaotic.

Imagine this: This report was about Melania Trump. What would the media do? This would be a scandalous situation, regardless of the motive behind it. Jill Biden is protected in this regard, however. After all, she is a Democrat. It is still a bit unsettling to see the First Lady so content with stepping out of the chain of command and demanding answers from those she does not like.

During that turbulent time, the military had plenty to worry about. Jill Biden’s interference in the situation was unnecessary and cost valuable resources. This is not my opinion. That’s not my opinion.