Democrat Backlash Is Finally Coming


Republicans have predicted for years that Nancy Pelosi’s embrace by the “squad”, would cause a political backlash. That backlash seems to have already arrived. Democrats now regret that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Cori Bush were allowed to define their party at such high levels.

Top Democrats say that the hard-left politics of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and the so-called “Squad,” once a dominant theme of large numbers of elected Democrats is now backfiring on the party in power.

Why it Matters: Democrats have faced significant obstacles to retaining control of the House and Senate, as well as their image.

This is something Democrats can’t deny. Looking back to 2019, which was the first year that “the squad” existed in office (Cori bush didn’t arrive until 2021), Joe Cunningham wrote a piece at RedState about Nancy Pelosi losing control of her party and the possible consequences. Jeff Charles wrote an article in early 2020 about AOC’s Marxist ideology, and how it would spread among Democrats. Recently, I remarked on a theme that I have repeated many times: had Pelosi missed her chance to restrain AOC and her radical allies,

Politics ultimately boils down to political power. This means that a politician who does not do anything can have great influence over their party. AOC might not be the most intelligent tool in the shed but she has a team of people who have expertly built her brand and are now taking full advantage of it. Pelosi had the chance to place AOC in her proper place very early on. Pelosi instead stoked the young member’s ego and appeared on magazine covers together with her. She insisted that she was the future. It’s impossible to put all that back in the bottle.

AOC is the future for the Democrat party and not the “moderates” Pelosi would like to support. Congrats?

These chickens are now coming home to roost and the Democrat Party cannot stop it. AOC was in Texas spreading her socialist message, whipping up Democrat base voters to a frenzy. She isn’t going to disappear into the background, as are Omar, Tlaib, and the rest. It was already 2019 and it was clear that “the squad” intended to have a major influence on the direction of their party. They were instead promoted as the future, at the expense of far more appealing moderates who were also swept to power following the 2018 election.

Pelosi and anyone else who tries to marginalize “the Squad” now will cause internal divisions to eat the Democrat Party alive. This is something its leadership clearly wants to avoid. 2022 already looks like a bloodbath to the left. It was all predictable. Did Democrat leaders really believe they could control the monster that they created for political short-term gain? Even that political gain is questionable in value.

While AOC and her cohorts were headlined, I am unable to find any evidence that it actually increased the Democrat Party’s voting base. It appears that a significant contraction is underway. This is no doubt due to Joe Biden’s failures but the radicalism of all the party members is another part of the equation. It was impossible to have predicted that giving voice to quasi-communists could have negative political consequences.

Axios cites concerned Democrats as saying that the horse has been taken out of the barn and it can’t be brought back. This renders all of the hand-wringing regarding changing messaging pointless. It is clear that the message has been established, and it was set by “the squad”.