Bidens Embarrassing Speech About Russia’s Ukraine Invasion


On Monday, Vladimir Putin delivered a speech where he acknowledged the “sovereignty” of two regions of Ukraine. Shortly thereafter, Russian forces started to cross the border pretending to be peacekeepers. Putin was able to invade Ukraine without firing a single shot and he did so in a clever move.

The question was then raised as to what the United States would do regarding the large-scale incursion. Previous threats of “greatest” sanctions were made, most recently by Kamala Hari. Joe Biden was not visible publicly for over a day following Putin’s move. He only emerged Tuesday afternoon to address the issue.

The president arrived an hour and a half late for what was originally billed as an urgent news conference. He took the podium and tried to respond to the question by slurring his words. The situation did not turn out well.

It is a painful exercise to listen to this man speak. It was sad that he arrived so late and yet appeared mentally unprepared to give his remarks. This is another signal to US enemies that they can do anything they want. Russia is sure to have taken this cue and waited until Biden assumed the presidency in order to eat more of Ukraine.

Biden’s speech on the content was not as good. Biden announced additional sanctions against Russia but did not implement the entire list of measures his administration has been boasting about for the past month. What is the best way to activate them if this invasion isn’t enough? This is a question Biden, his associates, have stubbornly refused to answer. It’s likely that they don’t know the answer.

Past that, the president made it clear that American consumers are in dire straits.

If Biden had allowed the United States’ energy independence to continue, such damage could have been mitigated. This was a goal set by former President Donald Trump. This mental invalid, who was mentally disabled, ran for office and canceled federal leases and Keystone XL to appease his far-left base without a second thought about how it would impact the country’s security. The stock market is currently in a state of collapse, wiping out all investment and retirement gains made by middle-class people over the past year.

Biden quickly left the room, reverting to his famous walk-away maneuver that he learned during the Afghanistan crisis.

Biden’s backside is once again the most famous part of his presidency.

His speech was not enough to calm fears at home or abroad. America’s enemies were also disappointed by his physical appearance and mannerisms. What’s next? I can confidently say that there is no way out of this mess. Biden’s ineptness has devastating consequences. Agony is on the horizon, rich or poor. As we approach the midterms, voters should be more furious that it was almost avoidable.