Antifa Protester Vandalizers Trump Supporter’s Trump At Oregon Demonstration

Daily Mail

This is the moment a Trump supporter pulled a gun on rock-throwing Antifa protesters after they vandalized his truck and maced him during a rally near the Oregon Capitol.

Footage captured the demonstrators spraying paint across the windshield of the man’s truck and smashing the tail lights in Salem on Sunday.

The driver, who was wearing an American flag sweatshirt, stepped out of his vehicle as he engaged with the protesters, who then appeared to mace him.

The video then shows him pulling out his gun and pointing it at the anti-fascist protesters.

He could be heard shouting: ‘Get away from me’.

As police arrived, the man could be seen putting his gun into the back of his truck before putting his hands up and kneeling on the ground.

The man was rubbing his eyes as the officer approached to arrest him.

The remnants of his tail lights could be seen scattered across the ground.

The Antifa protesters could be heard laughing and shouting as the man was taken into custody.

At one point, the protesters shouted: ‘F**k the Proud Boys’.

Police said the man who was taken into custody has not been charged and they are still investigating.

The tense moment was one of many clashes between left-wing, anti-fascist demonstrators and right-wing protesters near the Oregon State Capitol grounds.

The Statesman Journal reports that protesters, many wearing black masks and helmets and some wearing anti-fascist stickers, stood for a few hours waiting for a caravan from a right-wing rally in Sandy that was expected to arrive at the Capitol.

The ‘Freedom’ rally was advertised as an event to honor those who ‘fought for our freedoms.’

Protesters on the sidewalks and in the street in Salem threw objects at a number of vehicles that drove by the Capitol with American flags, breaking some vehicles’ windows.

At least three people were arrested including Andrew Alan Foy, 34 for second-degree disorderly conduct and second-degree criminal trespass, Nathan McFarland, 33, for second-degree disorderly conduct and Anthony Villaneda,18, for five counts of pointing a laser.

Salem police closed Court Street due to ‘ongoing reports of criminal activity’ and announced over a loudspeaker that if people did not disperse immediately they would use ‘impact weapons, munitions and tear gas’ against them, and protesters could be arrested.

Earlier that day, at 2:30 p.m, police tweeted that they expected 150-200 people who would be ‘heavily armed’.

‘The risk of violence has increased as the opposing protestors are expected to arrive in large numbers. We have received reports that vehicles driving past the capitol are being struck with balloons filled with paint and green lasers being pointed at drivers.’

If (possible), avoid traveling (through) streets around the capitol mall,’ officials tweeted. Anyone observing criminal behavior should immediately move to a safe location & call 911.’

Author : Hannah Parry

Source : Daily Mail : Moment Trump supporter pulls gun on rock-throwing ANTIFA rioters who smashed his truck’s tail lights, sprayed paint on his windshield and then MACED him during Oregon Capitol rally